Weight Loss Program for Women

What in the world is the Anabolic Cooking? It is a program developed specifically for women for weight loss and for getting into shape. Most women agree that it is much harder for them to lose weight than it is for men to lose weight. This is very frustrating when the wife sees that her husband loses substantially more weight each week than she does. That is why women ought not to diet like men. This twelve week step by step system is for women to lose weight and it includes workout videos and an e-book that discusses the weight loss methods and the science behind them. John Barban has developed this diet and exercise program to be a life-changing experience as opposed to some fad diet.

The program has received a lot of buzz online, and a number of Venus Factor Reviews have appeared on the Internet. The reviews are favorable due in large part to the scientific evidence presented to explain the differences in weight loss between men and women. The program takes into account differences in the physiology and metabolism between males and females, and how that affects weight loss efforts. The goal is not only to take off pounds, but to get a body that is toned, strong, and fitter than you would have ever thought possible. No special equipment is required for the exercises which can be performed in the gym or in your home, which ever you prefer.

The Venus Factor Review that convinced many ladies to try the program dealt with John Barban’s attempts to help his morbidly obese sister lose weight. John was able to help men lose weight, but helping women lose the pounds was entirely different. John was a physiologist, a nutritionist and a biologist who had to call on all his knowledge to find something that worked as well for women as his other programs had worked for men. His research revealed that the primary factor making it difficult for women to lose weight was a substance called leptin which John dubbed the Venus Factor.

You can read almost any Venus Factor Review to get more information on leptin. It is a protein/enzyme/hormone that plays a big part in regulating hunger, appetite, and metabolism. Leptin is produced by adipose (fat) tissue, ovaries, placenta, mammary cells, and other sources in the body. Women have more leptin in their bodies than men, but they are inefficient at using the hormone as a fat burning substance. Evolution and genetics have increased fat storage in the hips and belly to keep unborn babies warm and protected. Getting around this evolutionary adaptation is what the Venus Factor program is all about.


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